Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet Intrumental Music

Posted by Dinda-Chan | at 1:28 AM

When I found this album and i heard it.. I felt every music in this album have a story
This music was beautiful and romantic..

Sweet Rain
Track list
1. 로맨틱한 우유비
2. 바다에 추억을 버리고
3. 사랑이 꽃을 닮아
4. 대중적인 데이트
5. 비 내리던 가로수길
6. 바다에 추억을 버리고 (Piano)
7. 사랑이 꽃을 닮아 (Piano)
8. Nocturn
9. Saebyeok Bamhaneul (andes)
10. Tears In Pink Rain (string Piano)
11. Tears In Pink Rain


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