Saturday, November 17, 2012


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Memory, what is it?? Everybody know that memory is about your past and you still remembering about something bad or good. So, what will you do if you have bad memories in your life? What will you do if your memories make you hurting so much? Will you forgetting, or you remembering that? Or maybe you will do nothing for it?
This is a difficult problem for some people to handle their bad memories. As you know, however you try to forget memories, you don’t make it so easy. It’s really hard, and painful. Bad or good memories will be a part of you, it will be a part of your past, and one day if you think can forget it, you aren’t forget it. That mean, you’ve accepted it to be a part of yourself and your past.
Memory isn’t created to forget. Memory is created to remember, to teach you that life isn’t easy. When you’ve received it, you could move on. You didn’t forget, you just receive it and learn everything about it. Impossible to forget memories, it ‘cause you have brain and heart. By bad memories, you will learn how to be wise person when bad condition. You also learn how appreciate happiness when it comes. If it’s a good memories, some people isn’t problem with it. But, you also can learn something if it comes. By good memories, you can learn how to be grateful about it.                                                                              


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