Friday, February 17, 2012

I’m With You

Posted by Dinda-Chan | at 11:14 PM

Time is so short
to disparate me and my world
Far and far away
left some meaning in memories
In the face of lovely people
                                                I saw one love in sadness
                                                and I brings that one love
                                                in the place in the bottom of my heart
                                                As one love that have never heard
                                                As one love that have never told
                                                and one love would never touched
Just in my silent
Just could be heard with my heart
Saving as my memories
’till the my ending of my life
                                                If one day you open your eyes
                                                If one day you open your heart
                                                You would see bright star
                                                You would hear song of my heart
                                                that sign I’m always be with you
                                                for loving you and for saving you


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